Coaching Tools


TrackMan Golf

TrackMan, the leader in Ball Flight and Swing Analysis. As of 2016, Justin has had the privilege to consult/teach more than 500 golfers with Trackman. Visit Justin at his facility to have a go at the Trackman 4, golf’s leading ball flight and swing analysis!


K Vest 6D

Justin uses the K-Vest 6D and 3D in his lessons. As video analysis only portrays a swing in 2D, K-Vest helps Justin understand his golfer’s swing from all planes of motion, in 3D


SMART2MOVE Force Plates

Smart 2 Move have made the industry’s first portable force plates! The smart 2 move force plates measures not only the individual Centre of Pressure Trace for each foot, but also the amount of vertical force a golfer applies to the ground during the swing. Meaning to say that we can finally find out if the lower body is moving efficiently in the golf swing to create power to swing more efficiently and hit it further than ever before!