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What a fantastic 2 weeks it was in the USA. First, to have a look at the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, California, then to Urban Golf LA after with Dr Scott Lynn( as featured in my previous post) and finally to the Big Easy, New Orleans to visit James Leitz. I first met James in Australia in 2014 where he presented at the 2014 PGA summit. James was very nice to answer some of questions at that summit over lunch. It was an absolute thrill to finally meet one of people I looked up to in the golfing world and now a privilege to have had the opportunity to learn from again this summer.

If you don’t know, James is a top 30 teacher and 100 clubfitter in America. In 2011, James recorded one of the most influential golf videos that has helped some of the top teachers in the world, including Sean Foley Photo 29-6-16, 1 39 45 PMPhoto 28-6-16, 3 29 58 PM.





Photo 29-6-16, 10 36 33 AM



Pictures above: James with Tiger Woods and then coach Sean Foley at the 2011 PGA Championship. Sean giving James credit in The New York Times. James’s world famous D plane model. The D plane is an explanation of how the factors of Attack Angle, Dynamic Loft, Club Face and Club Path create ball flight. James has worked alongside TrackMan to improve their education programs.

James teaches at the Tchefuncta Country Club in Covington, New Orleans in one of the best teaching facilities that I’ve ever seen. Here’s some pictures of his brand new learning center and teaching studio

Photo 28-6-16, 3 20 21 PM  Photo 29-6-16, 5 09 30 AM

two hitting bays with the latest TrackMan 4, Tvs, Titleist Practice balls for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Photo 28-6-16, 11 05 50 PM Photo 29-6-16, 8 23 33 AM

Rains a lot in summer in New Orleans so shutters down and indoor nets prove to be useful!

I had the pleasure of watching James give lessons over 3 days at his facility, teaching golfers of all abilities and age groups. In fact I asked James about his clientele demographic and he said ‘ it varies. But I can tell you one thing, the poorer the golfer, the more fun I have helping them’. That’s something you don’t hear everyday. I guess the better the teacher, the bigger group of people he/she could help. It was great watching how he helped an 84 year old man hit it 15 yards further and a young kid out of college hit his drives out of the center more consistently.James does indeed have a deep coach’s toolbox.

James was kind to share his experiences with me, what he’s gone through over the years to get to where he is.There’s much to love of the man and one of the qualities I love about him is that he’s still craving to learn, acknowledges that he doesn’t know all of it just yet and always researching to learn and find out more.  Talking about research, James got me hooked up only his Gears Golf system. Photo 29-6-16, 7 32 07 PM

As you can see, I am wearing a whole lot of sensors for 3D capture.These sensors produce measurements for the body and also the club, measuring precisely what the body and club are doing throughout the swing. Some amazing stuff. Photo 29-6-16, 9 16 33 AM

Here’s a before and after capture. One of the great features I love about gears is you can compare your before and after swings side by side with all the figures on either side of the swing. With information like this in the right hands, you could help a golfer improve so much so fast! Hopefully one day we’ll see Gears on our Island.

Unfortunately as they say, all good things have to come to an end.Photo 30-6-16, 8 53 53 AMHere’s James and I at the Pro Shop in Tchefuncta Country Club. James kindly signed the book I’m holding here for me. He’s featured in Chapter 1 of the Golf Driving instruction book, featuring some of the top 100 coaches in America.

Those 4 days in New Orleans was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. Thank you James for being a wonderful host, friend and educator during my time in New Orleans. I couldn’t be luckier.

For now it’s back to sunny Singapore!

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