The ground can be your friend, if you believe so!

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I had the privilege of visiting Urban Golf in Los Angeles to check out the Swing Catalyst 3D motion plate with Dr Scott Lynn.

Dr Lynn taught 2 Sports Performance University classes I’ve attended over the last 2 years and is also a Swing Catalyst Educator. Here we are at Urban Golf LA hitting a few shots.

Photo 25-6-16, 11 14 16 AMHere’s the Swing Catalyst built into the floor on the left.

The thickness of the 3D plate is of the same thickness of the range mat. Urban golf did a great job building the mat into to range mat so that you could stand on it comfortably.

The facility also has the brand new TrackMan 4 and 2 highspeed video cameras that are integrated into the swing catalyst software. This means the swing catalyst software can capture your TrackMan, Video and Swing Catalyst 3D measurements all at once.

Check out this link to see Sean Foley talk about Swing Catalyst.




Photo 25-6-16, 11 14 26 AM



The Operators View from behind the golfer. TrackMan
screen on the left, swing catalyst on the right







Photo 25-6-16, 11 15 32 AMApologies for the poor picture quality. Swing Catalyst Interface of a golfer’s swing on video, his weight shift and pressure patterns top right and you can access all his TrackMan numbers in the window bottom right.


On left: Zoomed in on the box top right. Left andPhoto 25-6-16, 11 15 32 AM Right Foot weight distribution ratio of 48-52 % at set-up. You can see more weight in the heels at set up (darker colour indicates more pressure) You can see that Centre Of Pressure Trace is aiming slightly left, could indicate the golfer has set up slightly open.



What’s so differentPhoto 25-6-16, 11 18 58 AM about the Swing Catalyst to the BodiTrak that I have is that it does not only measure Centre of Pressure Trace or pressure into the ground, it measures your horizontal forces( Sway and Slide), Torque ( Rotational Forces) as well as Vertical forces ( GRF into the ground) Meaning not only will you understand weight shift, but also how your interaction into the ground affects your club path and club head velocity.

Dr Scott also explained how the Centre of Pressure trace could vary depending on your hip rotation velocity and how matching COP trace and hip velocity could mean a whole lot towards creating efficiency and power.

There’s so much more to learn from swing catalyst and as to how golfers move using the ground. The swing catalyst though is by far the most sophisticated 3D Pressure measuring tool that I’ve seen thus far. Even for the average Joe, understanding some of this information could help your set-up, balance and concept to create power!

As for now I’ve flown across the US to New Orleans to spend 3 days with James Leitz. Will have more for you to read on my learning journey here in the US in the coming days.


Justin Han





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