Dear friends

I trust that you are having a fantastic year thus far. I’ve decided to start blogging so that I will be able to keep you guys up to date on all that I’m up to, including my travels, instruction material, technology, equipment reviews, opinions and so on.

I’m in Los Angeles this week as part of my trip to meet Dr Scott Lynn to learn about the new Swing Catalyst Motion Plate, visit Titleist Performance Institute and go through their Tournament Player Physical Evaluation and fitting and last but not least, fly across the country to New Orleans to spend 4 days with James Leitz, a coach whom I’ve admired for some time now.

To view James’s work, watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rR2zLVBSQm4

To view the swing catalyst motion plate with Sean Foley , watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTT5aNHpg9Q

To read more on Dr Scott Lynn, visit  http://www.sportsperformanceuniversity.com/advisory-board/dr-scott-lynn-spu-advisory-board-member

It’s unfortunate that technical education in my profession is so hard to come by in Singapore, let alone South-East Asia. Yes, there is more to coaching than just technical knowledge, but as far as technical experts go, there are only a small handful of experts I can turn to.I’m though very fortunate to have the opportunity to spend my time with these fantastic people. This journey of learning is never ending, ever fascinating and the deeper you dig, you find there are more elements you uncover. As Cameron McCormick mentioned at the GEA this year, there are some 20 elements that pertain to coaching. Amazing isn’t it? What comes to mind of a golf coach is usually of a person providing technical evaluation and swing drills. However there is so much more to learn and so much more to accelerate performance!

I’m sure the next week or so will be enriching. I hope to keep you all up to date on what I’m up to these two weeks.


Justin Han

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